Value Proposition

NSI’s technology trades off significantly increased monomer costs for dramatic economic savings in labor, power, time, and capital. The bottom-line savings may be measured in orders of magnitude.  Ask us for our PowerPoint nanotubing cost-analysis presentation.

NSI’s Nanopolymer Design Platform™ and bottom-up manufacturing methods facilitate rapid prototyping, efficient scale-up, short delivery time frames, and extremely low cost per nanoscale part, thus bypassing the present bottleneck in nanotechnology commercialization.  Rapid prototyping allows quick iteration of the R&D cycle for efficient comparison of variations of prototypes for ultimate optimization of functionality.

NSI’s technology is resistant to end-run risks and has the potential to become an essential part of high-tech R&D. It is the first nanostructural self-assembly system to meet commercial standards and is anticipated to be the first to enter the market.

Once demonstrated, a step-and-repeat formula for spin-off ventures is enabled.