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Nanopolymer Systems is developing advanced methods to design and manufacture super-performing materials. Our goal is to usher in a new materials-manufacturing paradigm: bottom-up manufacturing through nanostructural self-assembly. Our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ uses proprietary vector-directional polymers [link to definition and explanation] to facilitate rapid prototyping [link to definition], systematic optimization of function [link to value proposition], and the potential for substantial economic savings (reduced manpower, shorter R&D timeframes, and decreased energy requirements) [link to ] for production of state-of-the-art nanostructured materials and supramolecular assemblies (nanoscale devices).  Nanopolymer System's Nanopolymer Design Platform™ is a general tool for solving difficult and intractable R&D problems facing the specialty materials and nanotechnology industries.  Inquiries are invited.

Advanced Battery Technology

Using our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ we have designed novel nanostructured electrolytes for the battery industry ( Battery Products). We anticipate these electrolytes will enable next-gen versions of existing batteries that:
   1) loose less energy on charging and discharging,
      2) last longer (more charge-discharge cycles),
         3) charge faster, and
            4) run cooler, with
               5) five-star safety.  We are poised to prototype these electrolytes.

A Vision for Technological Transformation

Bottom up manufacturing using nanostructural self-assembly is considered by many experts to be the Holy Grail solution to the long-standing problems facing nanotechnology (link to technology solution).  We believe our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ will address the current bottlenecks in nanotechnology commercialization and enable widespread profitability in this under-performing industry (insert link here). Our proprietary polymers created using Nanopolymer Design Platform™ have low end-run risks (Value Proposition). Potential products are nearly unlimited (link to Applications examples).