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Our second patent claims seven different classes of vector-directional polymers.  Illustrations of the top two are provided here:

Iminol (aramid tautomer) polymers

This polymer class is defined by aramid linkages.  This is a two-atom linkage, one nitrogen atom and one carbon atom.  Four total bonding groups are required per linkage, two of which form the covalent linkage and the other two of which are required to stabilize this linkage into one thermodynamically favored conformation. This conformation can be either the aramid tautomer (molecular arrangement), where the linkage double bond is mostly between the linkage carbon and adjacent oxygen atom (not shown), or it can be the iminol tautomer (shown), where the double bond in the linkage is mostly between the carbon and nitrogen atoms.

Benzobisoxazole polymers

Bisoxazoles (benzobisoxazoles) are the prototypical example of this class (see right).  Four bonding features are required, two of which form the initial (step-one) linkage, and the third of which condenses with the first two into the final (step-two) covalent linkage.  This leaves the last bonding feature to stabilize the linkage in its thermodynamically favored conformation.

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