Who We Are

Nanopolymer Systems Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area start-up company developing a molecular “nanostructural self-assembly system” for designing and manufacturing peak-performance materials.  Our vision is to make bottom-up manufacturing a mainstream industrial technology, enabling highly efficient self-assembly methods to replace the inefficient top-down manufacturing methods in widespread use today.

Nanostructural self-assembly has long been considered a futuristic dream, first of science fiction writers, then of nanotechnologists, and now materials scientists and engineers.  Find out what the excitement is all about.

To get in touch with us, use the email addresses below or go to the Contact Information page.

And now, meet the team that is bringing this new manufacturing method into practical reality.

Steven W. Fowkes  fowkes@nanopolymersystems.com
Steve Fowkes is the initial inventor of the core polymer technology and the principal architect of the nanostructural self-assembly operating system. Steve is an organic chemist with extensive life-science experience. He will serve as acting CEO, Chief Science Officer, Chairman of the Board and technological visionary for the corporation.  He will step down as CEO once a seasoned CEO is recruited during Phase 2. (See more.)

Thomas H. Nufert  tomnufert@gmail.com
Tom Nufert is an interdisciplinary scientist and serial entrepreneur
with more then 20 years of experience in shaping, founding, financing and managing early-stage technology ventures.  He attracted two Nobel laureates to his first venture.  Tom serves as the Vice President of Corporate Development, a Member of the Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.  He is also co-inventor of several NSI technologies and a primary author of NSI’s internal white paper on its technology and potential application spaces.  (See more.)

Mark V. Klopp
Mark Klopp, Business Advisory Board Member, is a Partner in the Bell Mason Group
and a Founder of Uptake Medical Corporation. Mark has had twenty years operational experience with Eastman Chemical Company, including such positions as Assistant to the CEO/Chairman, European Business Manager, and Managing Director of Eastman Ventures.

Lawrence Roberts, Ph.D.
Larry Roberts is an accomplished electrical engineer
with extensive experience in corporate leadership. He has founded many companies, the latest of which is Anagran. Larry was prior Director of DARPA Information Processing Techniques and was honored by the prestigious Charles Stark Draper Prize for work as team leader for ARPANET, which evolved into the Internet. Larry is currently a Senior Scientist on our Scientific Advisory Board.

Richard Helfrich

Rich Helfrich has extensive experience in technological businesses.
Rich’s experience ranges from small start-up ventures (founder of Vitesse) to
big-company management (a division of Advanced Micro Devices, and acting CEO of California Micro Devices). He has been an advisor to NSC for years and has recently joined our Business Advisory Board.  He consults for the National Science Foundation and served on California’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nanotechnology. (See more.)

William V. Hassenzahl, Ph.D.
Bill Hassenzahl is a Co-Founder of NSI and physicist with extensive experience with energy technologies.  
 He is the Chairman of the Board Emeritus of the Electricity Storage Association and serves as an advisor to various government and industry organizations on battery and other electricity-storage technologies.  Bill is the founder of Advanced Energy Analysis, which provides technical consulting in a variety of areas related to power systems ranging from advanced medical devices to large electric power grids.  He is a Senior Scientist on NSC’s Scientific Advisory Board.   (See more.)

Lev Ginzburg, Ph.D.
Lev Ginzburg is a Co-Founder of NSI and a retired professor of polymer chemistry
with more then 40 years of research experience and more then 20 patents pertaining to polymers, polymer chemistry, surface science, analytical methods and nanochemistry. Lev will serve as Senior Scientist on our Scientific Advisory Board.  (See more.)

William E. Willoughby
Bill Willoughby is a Co-Founder of Nanopolymer Systems 
and a member of its Business Advisory Board. Bill has extensive licensing, management & foreign marketing experience. This includes computer and telecommunications sectors, and Asian, Middle East, European and North American markets (China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Canada, Mexico, and others). He was formerly Adjunct Professor of International Business and Director of Operations at the California School of International Management in San Diego, California and has co-founded Clean Trails, a volunteer-driven group cleaning up public trails.
Cordell Green, Ph.D.

Cordell Green is a member of Nanopolymer Systems’ Business Advisory Board and Chairman and CEO of Kestrel Institute, which he founded in 1981.  Cordell developed the foundation theory for Logic Programming, which also formed the foundation for the Deductive Data Base field, as well as many formal, inference-based AI, question answering and planning systems.  His research interests center in the area of knowledge-based tools for software engineering.  Dr. Green has served on several editorial boards and NASA panels, reviewing research and studying future software and hardware architectures and practices for the Space Station.  He served on earlier Space Station Study for the National Academy of Science.  He has also won several scientific awards for his contributions in these areas.