Products and Markets

Our anticipated first products are nanostructurally optimized electrolytes for the battery industry. These electrolytes will outperform industry mainstays by having sulfonyl groups in immediate proximity to each other, thus eliminating (or minimizing) the “ion hopping” that causes resistance losses (heating) in batteries made with today’s best commercial electrolytes. Immediate proximity allows ions to “slide” rather then hop. The anticipated marketing advantages are
   1) increased energy density (energy per weight of battery and per volume of battery),
   2) higher power density (faster charging, faster discharging),
   3) enhance energy efficiency (more power out compared to power in),
   4) extended battery lifespan (number of charge-discharge cycles), and
   5) improved battery safety.

Such advantages can be marketed to lithium-ion, acid-gel, and metal-hydride battery manufacturers, and to industrial end users of batteries.

Subsequent products will then be developed.