Welcome to Nanopolymer Systems' website.

If this is your first visit, you might want to start with the Executive Summaries page.  There are four executive summaries, each from a different perspective, and each can be read in less than two minutes.  If you want more depth, click on the dedicated sub-pages for the four:  1) the Introduction, 2) the Value Proposition, 3) our Products and Markets summary, and 4) the Technology Summary.  If you do not see these sub-pages listed in the left-margin menu (indented immediately under the Executive Summaries page), click on the triangle to the left of Executive Summaries and the sub-pages will appear.  These triangles control the drop-down feature of the sidebar menu.  Other sub-pages can be similarly accessed.

If you want a technical orientation to our technology, go to the Technology page.  The sub-pages under the technology page contain more focused discussions on narrow technological subjects, like our patents, near-term and futuristic products, the competitiveness of our technology, what vector-directional polymers are and how they work, the scope of applications for vector polymers, and an illustrated comparison of polymer structures.

Due to the novel and transformative power of NSC's technology, we have invented new language to describe novel aspects of our polymers that are not yet described.  For example, we think the term vector-directional best describes the essential benefit (i.e., the directionality of a fully nanostructured polymer backbone) that results from "freezing" polymer linkages into one posture and preventing the freedom of rotation that is a standard feature of ordinary polymer linkages.  If you encounter a term that is not sufficiently explained, go to the Definitions page.  The definitions (and explanations) are alphabetically listed in a table of contents with links for your convenience.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to call or e-mail us.  The Contact Information page has general information, and the Team sub-pages have contact information for each team member.

We thank you for your interest and hope you will indulge your curiosity by exploring our site.