Nanopolymer Systems, Inc. develops advanced methods to design and manufacture ultra performance materials.  Our technologies are a general tool for solving difficult and intractable R&D problems facing the specialty materials and nanotechnology industries.  Our goal is to usher in a new materials-manufacturing paradigm: bottom-up manufacturing through nanostructural self-assembly.  We advance molecular-precision manufacturing in a new and unique way to create atomic-precision functionality for tomorrow's innovative products.

In 2017, atomic-precision manufacturing was added to the Department of Energy's technology roadmap as an essential technology for maintaining US economic competitiveness.  We are uniquely positioned to meet that need.  We are targeting three core technologies for the energy industry and a class of catalytic agents for environmental remediation.

The Nanopolymer Design Platform

We believe our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ will address the current bottlenecks in nanotechnology commercialization and enable widespread profitability in this under-performing industry. 

Our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ facilitates (1) rapid prototyping of new advanced materials, (2) systematic optimization of function, and (3) the potential for substantial economic savings.  See our value proposition for more on the third item.

As examples of new advanced material designs, we have electrolytes for next-gen batteries of all kinds, safer anode coatings for lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries, and new components for fuel cells and thermoelectric converters.  In addition to these energy-related applications, we have designed a new class of catalytic agents for organic synthesis, chemical manufacturing and environmental remediation.

Our Vision for Technological Transformation

Bottom up manufacturing using nanostructural self-assembly is considered by many experts to be the “Holy Grail” solution to the long-standing problems facing the nanotechnology industry (see technology page).  Our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ offers a solution.  Our practical approach could usher in a new renaissance in production of new materials by opening the door to atomic-precision manufacturing capabilities.