Nanopolymer Systems, Inc. develops advanced methods to design and manufacture ultra performance materials.  Our goal is to usher in a new materials-manufacturing paradigm: bottom-up manufacturing through nanostructural self-assembly.  This is also called molecular-precision manufacturing and is capable of creating atomic-precision nanoconstructs.

Our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ uses proprietary vector directional polymers [see also discussion] to facilitate rapid prototyping, systematic optimization of function, and the potential for substantial economic savings in the production of state-of-the-art nanostructured materials and supramolecular assemblies (i.e., nanoscale devices).  See our value proposition for more on this subject.

Nanopolymer Systems’ technologies are a general tool for solving difficult and intractable R&D problems facing the specialty materials and nanotechnology industries.

Advanced Battery Technology

The Nanopolymer Design Platform™ has enabled the design of novel nanostructured electrolytes for improving the performance of existing batteries and for the creation of the next generation of energy devices.  We are poised to prototype three electrolytes and anticipate batteries that:
   1) dissipate less energy during charging and discharging,
   2) have a higher energy density (J/m^3),
   3) have a higher specific energy (J/kg),
   4) have a longer life (more charge-discharge cycles),
   5) charge significantly faster (higher power density), and
   6) run at cooler temperatures, with
   7) significantly improved safety.

Our Vision for Technological Transformation

Bottom up manufacturing using nanostructural self-assembly is considered by many experts to be the “Holy Grail” solution to the long-standing problems facing nanotechnology (see technology page).  We believe our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ will address the present bottlenecks in nanotechnology commercialization and enable widespread profitability in this under-performing industry. Our proprietary polymers have low end-run risks (see our value proposition). Potential products are nearly unlimited (see applications examples).

Once proven, our Nanopolymer Design Platform™ could usher in a new renaissance for the manufacturing sector.